Message from the Chief Of Police



On January 7, 2023 Tyre Nichols was stopped by members of the Memphis Police Department.  What happened next was clearly criminal, and everything that goes against what our profession stands for.  A violent encounter ensued that would end with Mr. Nichols hospitalized where he died three (3) days later.  On January 20th, five (5) Memphis P.D. Officers involved in this incident were terminated from employment, and on January 23rd they were criminally charged.  The Core Values of the Memphis Police Department are Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability and Service, and they articulate the meaning of each on their website.  On January 7, 2023, it is clear these officers failed our profession by refusing to police using these core principles, and they have soiled the level of honor and integrity our profession expects of all law enforcement professionals.  


Service, Courage and Integrity are the core values of your Wilton Manors Police Department. These values set clear expectations for our officers and professional staff so they understand the manner in which we provide service, and police our community.  These compelling principles are what we build our organization on, and it is what we use to “police with passion for our profession, and with compassion for those we serve”.  By trusting our core values and policing our community using them, we will find ourselves policing the right way while meeting, and exceeding, your expectations.  I am proud to see each and every day members of our police department using our core values to guide them during their tours of duty, and using our “Mission”  to understand the direction for which they are to utilize these values while policing.  

Below you will find our police department’s Mission, Vision and Core Values, and we remain committed to policing our Island City community using these important principles in our endeavor to become a 5-star organization.

Mission Statement

The Wilton Manors Police Department is committed to policing with a passion for our profession and with compassion for those we serve.

Vision Statement

The professionals of the Wilton Manors Police Department, through quality training initiatives, innovative techniques and proactive partnerships with our community, will endeavor to be the pinnacle of our law enforcement profession.

Core Values

Service – Courage – Integrity


WMPD4ALL Hashtag