Message from the Chief Of Police



Stagnancy and complacency have no place in our organization.  As your public safety service provider, we shall continue to make forward strides to accomplish tasks and initiatives forging a progressive pathway forward to ensure public safety remains our top priority.  As a measure to nurture an advanced law enforcement agency, we have launched Vision 2024.  This year’s vision is comprised of five components that will steer our officers and professional staff to success, and that will also breed community success.  Health and wellness are the first components our staff will focus on by using City resources, physical fitness facilities, and implementing crisis intervention stress management protocols during difficult situations.  Our focus here will ensure our staff’s personal and professional foundation is solid so we provide best performances in our duties.  Self-development through mandatory trainings, team trainings and specialized training will continue so officers develop for today, tomorrow and their future. Thirdly, we must evaluate outcomes through tangible results as success, and failure, is measured through numbers.  Officers and professional staff will set themselves up to accomplish their short, mid and long-term goals using metrics, and when they fail, they will they will learn where they need to make the proper adjustment.  Teamwork is a must as it will take all 52 of our staff supporting each other in our individual endeavors.  Our fourth component encourages the celebration of success, and we will celebrate individual, agency and community achievements.  Lastly, today’s failure will be tomorrow’s victory.   We will take ownership of our failures, diagnose what went wrong, and fix what has broken. Our Vision for 2024 is for us to be Individually Driven for Personal and Professional Success to Nurture a Well-Served Community.  This vision, comprised of the five components, will see our officers and staff focus on themselves to ensure you, our community, is well served as I believe individual success breeds team success which breeds organizational success that breeds community success.  We look forward to serving you better in 2024 as our mission will be to serve you each day, better than we did the day before.  

Mission Statement

The Wilton Manors Police Department is committed to policing with a passion for our profession and with compassion for those we serve.

Vision Statement

The professionals of the Wilton Manors Police Department, through quality training initiatives, innovative techniques and proactive partnerships with our community, will endeavor to be the pinnacle of our law enforcement profession.

Core Values

Service – Courage – Integrity


WMPD4ALL Hashtag