Mickel Park

2675 NW 7th Ave, Wilton Manors, FL 33311

Open Daily
8:00am - 9:00pm

Community Center Fees

  Rental Type Resident Non-Resident
Mickel Park Meeting Room Per hour $20 $35
Facility Set-up (tables, chairs, etc.) Base fee $200 $200
Entertainment Pavilion Per hour  3 Hour Min $40 $70
Concession Stand Pavilion Per day $50 $100
Splash Pad Area Pavilion Per day $50 $100

To receive resident rates, proof of residency is required. A $200 Security Deposit is due at the time of reservation for facility rentals and the Entertainment Pavilion.
A $75 Deposit is due at the time of reservation for pavilion rentals.

For additional questions please contact the Leisure Services Department at (954) 390-2130 or click here.

weatherbug logo

WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System

The City recently completed the installation of WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System with at Mickel Park. The system will detect lightning up to ten miles away, and alert the public using sound (horn) and strobe lights. If lightning is detected, the horn will sound a continuous blast for 15 seconds, advising the public to seek shelter. If lightning is in the specific area, the strobe light will begin flashing. Once the lightning has cleared and it is safe to resume outdoor activities, the horn will sound three, short, five-second blasts.

No system is fool-proof. Park visitors should always assess weather conditions before going outside and always be prepared to take the appropriate action needed to ensure one's safety.

A special widget that monitors lightning activity at Mickel Park is accessible by clicking on the unique widget code listed below.  

Click here for Wilton Manors Weather Bug at Mickel Park