Capital Projects Updates

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Projects

The City just completed the 45th and 46th-year CDBG projects.  A new stormwater drainage system was installed along portions of NW 24th Street and NW 8th Avenue, just east of Powerline Road. The final phase of the project (47th year) will be starting in the spring and include new stormwater drainage along portions of NW 26th Street.  

Facility Painting

Exterior painting of Richardson Historic Park and Nature Preserve, Island City Park Preserve, Hagen Park, and the entryway and hallways of City Hall has been completed.

NE 15th Avenue/NE 24th Street

Project implementation began in July 2022, with sidewalk improvements on NE 24th Street, followed by the implementation of the raised intersection on NE 15th Avenue. The NE 24th Street sidewalk improvements have been completed, and intersection improvements at NE 24th Street and NE 15th Street are almost completed. Intersection improvements at NE 22nd Street will begin once those are completed. Please see below for the NE 15th Avenue/NE 24th Street Construction Schedule.

Click here to view the NE 15th Avenue/NE 24th Street Tentative Construction Schedule.

NE 26th Street

The redesign of NE 26th Street between Five Points and the City limits to the east has begun. This project involves public input prior to any plan finalization but will include the widening of existing sidewalks. Community outreach is ongoing.

The Interlocal Agreement for the following areas has completed. The project went out to bid on October 1, 2022.

  • North of NE 26 Street between Andrews Avenue and NE 16 Avenue
  • South of NE 26 Street from Andrews Avenue to Wilton Drive and north of NE 20 Street

Water Infrastructure Improvements

New water main and service line replacements will be installed along NW 29th Street and sections of NW 30th Court. Both projects are in the engineering design phase with construction planned for the first quarter of 2023. These projects are included in the City’s Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Integrated Master Plan of infrastructure improvements to be implemented during the 10-year period 2021-2030, and will be partially funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Lift Station Improvements

Lift Station 10

The CIPP lining was completed and service lateral grouting has begun.

Lift Station 11

30% progress plans were received on August 25, 2022.

Final engineering plans to install branded wayfinding signs throughout the City have been completed.

Wilton Drive

The City contracted with Green Construction Technologies (GCT) to repair and improve the irrigation system on Wilton Drive, prior to the installation of landscaping. The upgrade of the irrigation system and the installation of about 60 trees were completed in September 2022. The Wilton Drive and Landscaping Irrigation project is now 95% complete. Permitting review is in progress for the installation of electrical receptacles along Wilton Drive.

Click here for more info on the Wilton Drive Capital Campaign.