How does the recycling program work?

Your recycling bin is blue and resembles an open box. On your recycling day, please place this bin curbside next to your garbage container (toter) before 7:00 am. Items that may be recycled are: •Aluminum, Steel or Tin Cans •Newspaper, magazines, cereal boxes, office paper and catalogs •Glass (all colors) •Corrugated Cardboard (must be folded to fit into the recycling bin) •Plastic bottles (neck narrower than body) •Gable-top Containers (such as milk and juice cartons) •Children’s Drink Boxes These items may all be mixed together. There is no need to separate paper from glass or plastic. Recycling days are scheduled according to your normal garbage pickup days and are as follows: Regular Garbage Pickup Days: Recycling Day: Monday- ThursdayThursday Tuesday - FridayFriday Wednesday – SaturdayWednesday The City also maintains a drop-off center for County residents and businesses to drop off recyclables, located at the corner of NE 12th Avenue and 24th Street in Wilton Manors. The drop-off center consists of several marked containers in a well-lit parking lot with 24 hour access.

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