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Event / Program Application for Co-Sponsorship

  1. Is the organization non-profit?*
  2. Event Information
  3. Be descriptive as to the purpose of the event, what will be happening and what type of equipment will be used.

  4. Is the event open to the public? *
  5. Are you charging an admission fee?*
  6. Is fundraising a component of the event? *
  7. If fundraising is a component of the event please explain for what purpose and how funds will be raised. 

  8. Does your event involve the use of alcoholic beverages?*
  9. Indicate any amenities included in your event:*
  10. What fees are you requesting Co-Sponsorship of? *
  11. Please list any other pertinent information to this application which will help substantiate your request for Co-Sponsorship.

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