Environmental Concerns

In order to help protect the environment, the City has adopted an ordinance prohibiting the blowing of yard clippings onto any surface area, stormwater management system, or water body within the City. Blowing yard clippings into the street causes them to eventually end up in the stormwater system, which can then cause clogging and flooding during heavy rainstorms. There is a $500 fine per offense for violations of this ordinance. 
You can learn about Illicit Discharges to see the effects from pollutants discharged into storm drains, and how to report illegal dumping.

The City encourages residents to reduce mercury in their homes. Mercury evaporates easily and travels great distances through the atmosphere. It ends up in our waterways where it accumulates in fish and other creatures. Mercury, a nerve toxin, is especially dangerous when ingested (i.e., eating contaminated fish) by pregnant women, women planning to have children in the future, and children. The best way to keep mercury out of the home and the environment is not to buy mercury-containing products. However, when that’s unavoidable and when it comes time to throw these products away, please make sure they are taken to the household hazardous waste facility for recycling. It is against the law to throw mercury-containing products away in the garbage. Proper disposal of mercury-containing products means keeping the mercury intact and bringing it to the household hazardous waste facility.

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