The Wilton Manors Police Department is pleased to announce it has been awarded re-accreditation by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) continuing our proud tradition of being an accredited agency since 2010.  

In March 2022, three external assessors visited our agency to conduct an in-depth review of our policies, procedures and application of police services to identify whether or not they met the standards of the CFA.  Their assessment provided confirmation our agency met over 230 standards as required by the CFA.  On June 16, 2022, the CFA Commission met in Orlando, Florida to further review our agency, and by unanimous vote of this Commission, we were awarded re-accreditation.   

“Accreditation is the gold standard of our law enforcement profession, and in our endeavor to become the pinnacle of our profession, it is imperative we continue meeting and exceeding the standards of the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation”, stated Chief Gary Blocker.  “Accreditation is a living component of our police department, and I thank the members of our organization who continue making accreditation their priority.” 

For more information about the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, and the benefits it brings to our community, our officers and to the Office of the Chief, please click HERE Version OptionsAccreditationHeadline.  

Accreditation increases the law enforcement agency’s ability to prevent and control crime through more effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to the community it serves.

Accreditation enhances community understanding of the law enforcement agency and its role in the community as well as its goals and objectives. Citizen confidence in the policies and practices of the agency is increased.

Accreditation, in conjunction with the philosophy of community policing, commits the agency to a broad range of programs (such as crime prevention) that directly benefit the public.

Accreditation creates a forum in which police and citizens work together to control and prevent crime. This partnership will help citizens to understand the challenges that confront law enforcement. Law enforcement will, in turn, receive clear direction from the community about its expectations. Thus, a common set of goals and objectives will be arrived at and implemented.

Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Website:

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An Accreditation program has long been recognized as a means of maintaining the highest standard of professionalism. Indeed, it is a form of “best practices” that acts to protect both the police officers and the citizenship they are sworn to protect. Accreditation has proven to give a high return on investment because it protects taxpayer dollars by providing the most efficient use of staffing and equipment through the adoption and use of these “best practices.” A Police Department which attains such designation is the functional equivalent to a Doctor or a Lawyer being “Board Certified” and it means that we meet or exceed the highest standards of our respective professions. In addition, Accreditation helps in our recruiting efforts as the best police candidates are drawn to the best Police Departments. Finally, those Police Departments which are accredited tend to have a higher success rate in securing Grant Awards because of the status that comes with being accredited.

To reach the Wilton Manors Police Department Office of Accreditation, please call us at 954-390-2106.

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