Home Damage Assessment Program

Broward County's Home Damage Assessment program assists in quickly identifying areas of devastation, even before damage assessment teams are able to canvass the County.  It's easy and a great service to the community!  You may even want to pre-program the link into your cell phone ahead of time.

The Home Damage Assessment Program asks residents to report hurricane damage to their home as soon as it is safe to go outside, by either calling 3-1-1 or accessing Broward County's Home Damage Assessment Program website as described below.

Here's how it works:
  • Before the storm, print the Home Damage Assessment photos and keep them handy for reference.
  • After the storm passes and it's safe to go outdoors, survey the damage to your home.
  • Compare your home to the four homes pictured on the page you printed out, and select the one that best represent your home's condition for damage level and/or flood level.
  • Call the Broward County Hurricane Hotline at 3-1-1 to phone in a damage assessment report.  Or, if you still have power and access to the Internet, you can submit your Home Damage Assessment to Broward County online.
  • Remember, you must have access to the photos to make a report, as Hurricane Hotline call takers will only be able to accept numbers 1 to 4 as damage levels and 5 or 6 for flood levels.
Resident reports will provide a critical early indication of where major damage has occurred.  These reports do not constitute a request for individual assistance and do not replace the normal grid-by-grid assessments conducted by County and local assessment teams.