Land Use or Zoning?

During the Andrews Avenue/Oakland Park Blvd. Land Use amendment workshops, there was confusion on the difference between land use and zoning. The process that is being discussed for the Andrews Avenue and Oakland Park Boulevard Corridors is changing the land use designation. Amending the zoning designations will occur once the land use designation has been finalized. A definition for both of these terms follows:

• Land use is defined as the development that has occurred on the land, the development that is proposed by a developer on the land, or the use that is permitted or permissible on the land under an adopted comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof, land development regulations, or a land development code, as the context may indicate.

• Zoning is defined as the division of the City by legislative regulations into areas, or zones, which specify allowable uses for real property and regulations are established governing lot size, building setbacks, parking, and other development standards.