Andrews/Oakland TOC FAQs

Q - Will the adoption of the Transit Oriented Corridor change the land use map in the Comprehensive Plan?

A – Yes, the adoption of the proposed Transit Oriented Corridor change will amend the Future Land Use Map.


Q - Will the Transit Oriented Corridor impact individual parcel zoning?

A - The process currently under way is only for land use.  Zoning would be discussed and processed at a later date.


Q - If the Transit Oriented Corridor is adopted, will I be able to sell my property as a residence without further action by the City of Wilton Manors?

A - Yes, the Transit Oriented Corridor land use designation permits residential uses.


Q -  Does the City of Wilton Manors currently have plans to take my property for itself or others?

A - The City does not have plans to take any property.

Q - If my property is needed for private development after the Transit Oriented Corridor is adopted, can I be forced to sell to that developer or to the City.

A – No, the City would not force you to sell your property. 


Q - Can the City use its governmental powers to effectuate a taking on behalf of developers after the adoption of the Transit Oriented Corridor.

A - The City will not take property on behalf of a developer.   

Q - Does the City currently anticipate widening Oakland Park Blvd between I-95 and Andrews? Is any rail anticipated for that corridor?

A - Oakland Park Boulevard is a State Road (controlled by Florida Department of Transportation) and there are no plans that we are aware of to widen the roadway.  The City has not heard of any plans for rail on that corridor.


Q - Has the City seen any preliminary plans for the redevelopment of the Publix shopping center at the corner of Oakland Park Blvd and Andrews Ave?

A - City staff met with engineers whom indicated they were contracted with Publix to look at the redesign of the building.


Q - What is the current timeline for the passage of the Transit Oriented Corridor?

A - It is anticipated that the project would take approximately 18 months from the date of the contract approval from the City Commission.


Q - Why does the proposed Transit Oriented Corridor need to extend to the Middle River from Oakland Park Boulevard? What is the rational for such a wide corridor in that area?

A - The intent of the Transit Oriented Corridor is to include the commercial corridors to enhance the economic activity and redevelop these corridors.