Library Advisory Board


The Library Advisory Board recommends to the City Commission Rules, Regulations and Policies to govern the maintenance and operations of the City Library. The Library Advisory Board also solicits any gifts or bequests of money and other property, books or any donations made to the Library.  

Library Advisory Board meetings are held Quarterly, on the third Monday.

The Library Advisory Board was created by ordinance and is located in the City's Code of Ordinances.  Library Advisory Board's enacting Legislation can be found in Article III,  Division 4 of the Code of Ordinances. Click here for direct link to Code section that created the Library Advisory Board.

If you are interested in serving on the Library Advisory Board, fill out the application, linked below, and submit to the City Clerk's Office, at  Library Advisory Board requires that applicants not hold an elected office in the County. 
 Library Advisory Board Application
When there is a board opening applicants will be asked to attend the City Commission Meeting to introduce themselves to the Commission prior to selection and appointment.  Applications are held for one (1) year, expiring at the end of each calendar year. 
2019 Library Advisory Board Goals & Accomplishments
2020 Library Advisory Board Goals & Accomplishments
2021 Library Advisory Board Goals & Accomplishments


 Board Member  Term Expiration Date
Barbara Gail Cuthbertson 9/30/24
Daisy Allica 9/30/24
John Fiore 9/30/24
Terry Neely
Alternate Member
Ruby Tucker
Alternate Member
William Bennett Quade 10/1/22
 Betty Winslow  10/1/22
Marcia Grady 9/30/23
Emily McCrater 9/30/23
David Larsen, Staff Liaison    


Library Advisory Board Agenda Center