Naming or Renaming City Owned Property and Streets

Policy and Procedures for Naming, Co-Naming and Re-Naming of City-Owned Properties and Streets


The purpose of this policy (“Policy”) is to establish a set of standard procedures and guidelines for the naming, co-naming, and renaming of City amenities, buildings, parks, streets, recreational areas and facilities owned and/or operated by the City of Wilton Manors (the “City”).   


•    Enhances sense of community involvement and public participation within the City. 

•    Establishes a uniform and comprehensive process of formal notification of a proposed naming, co-naming or renaming. 

•    Ensures that naming is consistent with the values, priorities and characteristics of the City. 

•    Encourages and recognizes the dedication of lands, or donations by individuals or groups. 


•    Applicant – one who makes a formal proposal to name, co-name, or re-name a City- owned facility 

•    Application – a completed proposal requesting a naming, co-naming, or renaming by an Applicant.

•    Agreement – an agreement between the City and an Applicant outlining the terms and conditions of approval in the granting of naming rights.

•    City-Owned Facility – any property, complex, amenity, building, park, structure, street or related property owned or controlled by the City.

•    Commemorative Naming – a naming opportunity granted to an individual, group of individuals, family foundation, or a non-profit community organization in recognition of significant philanthropy, or as an honor and generally without financial consideration. 

•    Naming Entity – the entity, corporation, community organization, or individual to whom Naming Rights are granted pursuant to a Naming Rights Agreement. 

•    Naming Rights – refers to the granting by the City the right to name a portion of a City-owned facility either in exchange for financial consideration or in honor of outstanding achievement, distinctive service, or significant community contribution. 

This Policy does not apply to:

•    City core services facilities (City Hall, Fire, or Police Stations);

•    Non-City facilities;

•    Non-City facilities, which occupy City lands and where the building is currently owned or leased by a tenant;

•    Naming of programs, events, or other kinds of sponsorships conducted through the City’s sponsorship program. 

Qualifying Names and/or Criteria:  

•    Geographical location of the facility including descriptive names. 

•    An outstanding feature of the area. (example: hill, river, vegetation) 

•    Commonly-recognized subjects of historical significance such as an event, person (nonliving), group, culture, or place. 

•    A person (non-living) or group who significantly contributed to the acquisition or development of the City-owned property or street. 

•    An individual (non-living) who provided an exceptional service in the interest of the park system as a whole or for the community as a whole. 

•    A person (living) whose contribution or significant gift is of a most extraordinary nature. 

•    Naming may be considered based on the provision of significant funding that underwrites the cost of renovation or construction of City-owned facility. Financial underwriting shall be broadly defined as substantial monetary contributions that completely or significantly enable City projects such as parks, buildings or property acquisition to occur. This may include monetary gifts and/or grants that leverage federal, state and local funding for such projects or complete donation of land. 

•    Parks and facilities that are donated to the City can be named by deed restriction by the donor. The naming and acceptance of land is subject to approval by the City Commission.

•    Naming may include amenities, buildings, parks, streets and related public property.

•    Naming should not conflict with grant funding policies established by local, private, state and/or federal grant funding programs. 


•    Naming associations with smoking or vaping products, alcohol, contraceptives, religious organizations, political candidates, or partisan organizations  

•    The dedication of small park amenities with an identifiable lifespan and not intended to be permanent such as fixed park benches, litter stations and tables which shall be addressed under a separate policy. 


1.    An Applicant, including City Commissioner, City staff, resident, individual, or organization shall submit an Application(link can be found below) to the City Manager for consideration and initial review. The City Manager shall seek appropriate staff review at her discretion. 

2.    When naming after a person or persons, written documentation of approval by next of kin to be honored (if available/possible) is required as part of the proposal. 

3.    If the Application relates to a leisure services facility, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board may review the application and make a recommendation to the City Manager. 

4.    After due diligence, The City Manager shall forward the application to the City Commission, with relevant facts and fiscal impacts. 

5.    If the Application is for a public street, property owners and/or residents who reside within 300 feet of the street, or who live on the street, will receive notification by mail of the City Commission meetings at which the request is to be considered.  

6.    The City Commission will allow for public input and comment at no less than two City Commission meetings prior to a final decision on the application Notification shall be advertised in all possible manners – the weekly eblast, the local monthly newsletter (Town Crier), and social media.

7.    The City Commission will confirm the naming or renaming of a City-owned facility by resolution. The City Commission may negotiate an Agreement memorializing terms and conditions of granting naming rights. 

8.    The City Commission shall have final approval and the absolute discretion to grant or deny a request for any reason or no reason.

If you would like to submit an application for renaming, go to the following link:  

Application for Naming, Co-Naming and Re-naming of City Owned Properties and Streets

If you have questions, contact Pamela Landi at 954-390-2103 or