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Application for Naming, Co-Naming and Re-Naming of City-Owned Properties and Streets

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Naming Information
  3. What street or city- owned property are you requesting be named, re-named or co-named? For Example, Old Dixie Highway or Island City Park Preserve.
  4. What new name are you proposing?
  5. If requesting a street name change, please describe the geographic limits of the proposed change. For example NE 21 Court from NE 20 Street to Andrews Avenue.
  6. Please describe in detail the reasons you believe the change should be made. If your requested renaming is for a person or persons, please upload documentation of approval by next of kin.
  7. Upload Documentation From Next of Kin
  8. Upload additional documents which may be relevant to the request
  9. If implementation of the renaming has fiscal impacts, will you consider underwriting the costs?
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