Property & Evidence

Property and EvidenceThe Property and Evidence Section is responsible for the handling, storage and release of property and evidence that is taken into possession by the Wilton Manors Police Department.   If you have property being held that you believe should be returned to you, see “Claiming Your Property” below for instructions on the retrieval process.  

Claiming Your Property: 

 To ensure efficiency of service, it is necessary to call ahead and set up an appointment and to make sure your property has been authorized for release - 954-566-1556. The hours to claim property are Monday through Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm, excluding holidays.  

If your name is listed as the owner on the property receipt, items may be claimed with a valid photo ID.   If you are not listed as the property owner, proof of ownership must be presented and then approved by the Officer or Detective assigned to your case.   Proof of ownership includes; bill of sale from a store or a notarized bill of sale if the item was purchased from a private individual.   

Evidence Property (Except Firearms,  & Weapons & Contraband): 

Tangible personal property including cash, lawfully seized by the agency for evidentiary purposes, may be retained until the case is concluded and must be approved for release by the Impounding Officer or Detective assigned to the case.  In some circumstances, a court order may be requested.  

Per Florida State Statute (FSS) 705.105:  Items seized as evidence by and in the custody of the agency shall vest permanently in the agency 60 days after the conclusion of the proceeding.   Unclaimed property may be disposed 60 days following final disposition of the case proceeding.  

Per Florida Statute 925.11 and 925.12, if suspect(s) in a felony case are found guilty by jury or if they plead in court, the property must be held until the sentence has been fully served, regardless of who owns the property.  If the suspect was "Acquitted" of all charges, the property can be released with authorization from the Detective or Officer responsible for the case.  A certified copy of a court order can also release the property with prior review and approval. 

Found Property:

Lost and FoundProperty that is turned in as found or property that is abandoned by the owner will be held for 90 days in accordance of Florida Law.  Property for which ownership cannot be established may be released to the finder if the claim was documented by the Officer at the time the property was received.  Such requests will not be approved for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of impounding. 

Online Auctions:

After certain periods of time have elapsed, specified by law, the Evidence Unit may dispose of Property Roomproperty that is no longer required to be stored.  The Wilton Manors Police Department may elect to sell unclaimed property utilizing the online auction site  Interested persons may view the items and submit their bids by logging onto   
All sales are final and subject to bidder's responsibility for shipping and handling. For more information on how to participate in this auction, log-in to their website.

Property of appreciable value may also be retained for agency use; transferred to another unit or local government; donated to a charitable organization; or sold at public sale pursuant to provisions of FSS 705.10.  Property not of appreciable value may be destroyed.  

Claiming Firearms:

The release of a firearm is governed by how the weapon was classified by the officer or detective at the time it was submitted to the Evidence Unit.  Firearms may have been submitted for Evidence, Safekeeping or Court Ordered Domestic Injunction; depending on the circumstances involved, a certified court order may be required. If you are uncertain as to the classification assigned to your firearm, you may check with the officer or detective assigned to the case.   For more detailed information regarding the release of firearms, weapons or ammunition, contact the Evidence Unit at 954-566-1556.
All persons who wish to claim a firearm are subject to a background check for prior felony convictions and to determine eligibility.  Firearms will not be released to persons ineligible to lawfully own or possess firearms under federal and state law.  If there is any question of a charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved.   

Obtaining a Court Order:

A private attorney can arrange for a court order, or you may contact the Clerk of Courts office at the Broward County Courthouse and request to schedule a hearing.  For more information online, see the Court’s website at

Next of Kin Claiming Property:

Property can only be released to a legal spouse or parent of a minor child after authorization from the assigned Detective.  Other family members wishing to claim property must present an original Power of Attorney or a letter from the court appointing you as an authorized person to collect property.   

Property Held for Safekeeping (Except Firearms & Weapons):

If you are unable to pick up your property, you may designate someone on your behalf.   The person designated must have signed, written authorization from you (naming that person as the recipient) to pick up your property.  Your signature MUST be notarized. The recipient must have valid photo ID to retrieve your property.