Garbage & Recycling

The City has implemented NEW zones and collections for residential customers, and is divided into four zones for collecting garbage and bulk materials. 

Garbage and recycling are collected year-round, with the exception of Christmas Day.

Click here to view the Collection Schedules and Zone Map.

The City of Wilton Manors contracts with Waste Management for garbage and recycling collection.  The City's garbage is hauled to the Waste-to-Energy plant where it is burned to generate electricity.

Please be aware that blue garbage or green recycling carts that were not provided by the City of Wilton Manors (i.e. carts from other cities or private containers) will not be serviced by Waste Management and may be confiscated. Any garbage or recycling cart other than the roll-out container provided by the City of Wilton Manors that is placed at the curb on a regular collection day, may be removed and disposed of along with other trash.

Each residence is supplied with one 96 gallon garbage cart and one 65 gallon recycling cart. Additional carts are available for an additional monthly charge. Please call City Hall Utility Billing at (954) 390-2145 for the current rate and to arrange for delivery of an additional cart. 

Residential customers who are physically disabled or mentally challenged and are unable to place roll-out garbage carts at the curb, may request side-door service. Additionally, residential customers who are 65 years or older may request to use a smaller 65-gallon garbage cart. The City may require sufficient documentation to determine eligibility for side-door service and the use of smaller 65-gallon carts.