Park Rules & Regulations

The following conduct and activities are prohibited in Wilton Manors City parks or park facility therein:

  1. Creating any unreasonable and substantial risk of harm to any person, property, or living thing (i.e., dangerous activity or activity perceived as dangerous).
  2. Entering or remaining on any park property other than during posted park hours of operation or in an area not open to the public, unless specifically authorized by Leisure Services management.
  3. Capturing, annoying, feeding, or disturbing any animal, wildlife, waterfowl, or living thing, or abandoning any animal, domestic or wild, on any park property. With the exception for catch-and-release fishing with the appropriate fishing license, where authorized.
  4. Engaging in any lewd or lascivious conduct, or sexual misconduct, as prohibited under Florida law, including, but not limited to, soliciting a person for sexual favors, exposure of sexual organs, offensive touching, sexual acts, or prostitution.
  5. Failing to comply with any directions or warnings of City staff to cease any prohibited conduct or activity after being provided notice of such prohibited conduct or activity.
  6. Defacing, destroying, altering, or otherwise vandalizing any park property, including, but not limited to, buildings, fixtures, grounds, signs, plants, trees, or other structures.
  7. Unreasonably depriving any persons of their use or enjoyment of the park or any park facility therein, as determined by the City, including, but not limited to, playing any music too loudly that produces an actual discomfort or annoyance to any persons of ordinary sensibilities, blocking access to, or use of, any park facility.
  8. Failing to comply with any applicable law or rule and regulation that required dogs or other pets to be leashed and licensed, and for pet waste to be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle.
  9. Smoking of any substance where prohibited by Florida law and City Code Section 17-28.
  10. Shooting iguanas or other animals/wildlife with any device, unless as an authorized agent of the City. 
  11. Assaulting or fighting with any person or living thing or inciting violence on any park property.
  12. Violating any firearm laws or regulations of the State of Florida.
  13. Possessing any explosives, acid, or any other article or material capable of causing serious harm to others.
  14. Engaging in any illegal gambling.
  15. Possessing, selling, or using any illegal drugs.
  16. Removing, destroying, mutilating, or in any manner altering any landscape, including, but not limited to, lawns, shrubs, plants, flowers, sand, soil, or a designated habitat area.
  17. Any form of camping - including the establishment of any temporary shelter or storing of personal items.
  18. Noncompliance with any safety rules and regulations at any City facilities, parks, natural areas, or special events.
  19. Disrupting any City business, events, sponsored or approved activities or programs, or other approved uses, as determined by the City.
  20. Disposing of any garbage or trash in any area other than in designated trash or recycling receptacles, in violation of any public health laws or rules and regulations.
  21. Bringing dogs or any other pets on or into any athletic fields, children's playgrounds or water splash pads, lakes, ponds, canals, or any other body of water, natural area site, or park facility, except when authorized by Leisure Services management for a City-approved special event or activity, or as permitted by law for service animals.
  22. Possessing any glass containers.
  23. Posting any signage, posters, or notices on any property, unless prior written authorization is obtained from Leisure Services management.
  24. Impeding public access to, or the safe use of, any restroom facilities.
  25. Distributing any handbills, circulars, or signs on any park property, the purpose of which is solely commercial in nature, without prior authorization from the City.
  26. Leaving any packages, backpacks, luggage, or other personal items unattended while the owner, or some other person designated by the owner to be present and look after the items, is not in the immediate area of the items.
  27. Urinating or defecating in any area other than a designated restroom.
  28. Possessing alcohol, except as specifically permitted under Section 3-3 of the Wilton Manors Code of Ordinances.
  29. Blocking any entrances, exits, public walkways, or roadways, or obstructing any pedestrian traffic, trails, or other park areas, in a manner that interferes with the provision of services or the intended use of the park property.
  30. Utilizing any park property, or engaging in any commercial activity on park property, without written authorization from the City including, but not limited to, the assignment of a Specific Use Permit, approval of a Certificate of Insurance, criminal background screening, and other requirements as determined by the City.
  31. Driving any unlicensed or unregistered motorized vehicle on park roadways and/or paved paths, including, but not limited to, cars, electric carts, or ATVs (gas or electric), unless authorized by Leisure Services management, or as permitted by law for other power-driven mobility devices (OPDMD). Children's battery-operated toys, such as power wheels, are permitted as long as they do not cause undue wear and tear of park property and remain on grass and walkways only. Battery-operated toys are not permitted on roadways or within parking lots.
  32. The reckless operation of bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, skateboards and other human, electric or motor-powered devices designed for the transportation of people.
  33. Selling, possessing, utilizing, or discharging any fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects that alter the environment, including, but not limited to, creating clouds of smoke or launching objects into the sky, except where permitted by law.
  34. Utilizing any City resources without prior authorization from Leisure Services management, including, but not limited to, utilities or raw or other natural materials.